About Powermind

POWERMIND® is a program designed to help combat the stresses and problems of life by teaching you to harness your own strengths.

What is it that gives some people the power to find happiness in their lives? That makes one person able to deal with seemingly endless stress gracefully, where another person buckles under responsibility and pressure? How do some people cope with chronic pain, or lose weight with apparent ease, achieve the impossible or stop smoking overnight?

It isn't luck. It isn't genetic. It's something everyone can learn to do.

There's no magical power out there that some people possess and others don't. It's not that you possess the power to achieve all of these things. It's more fundamental than that: you don't have the power. You are the power. Personality, will, and action are the definition of a person; the POWERMIND® program teaches you how to harness these things, these parts of yourself, and use them to take control of your life.

Remember: "The Power is YOU ®".